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Learn More About Male Hormone Decline and How HRT can Balance Your Hormones

Raleigh Testosterone Therapy for MenAndropause Doctors in Raleigh North Carolina can help men suffering from hormonal imbalances to recapture their youthful vitality and health with hormone replacement therapy. Over 65% of men that are suffering from hormonal imbalances do not seek treatment to correct issues that are rooted in hormonal disharmonies.

Numerous factors can contribute to male hormone decline, and most men may not recognize that they are experiencing hormonal imbalances, which could be the reason that many men do not get treated to regulate their hormones. Men in the late forties or fifties may begin to notice that they are not feeling the same as they used to, and they may find that they feel weaker, heavier, and less energetic.

What is Andropause?
Hormones can begin to decline as early as a man’s thirties, and throughout the next two decades, the body may endure excessive amounts of stress, a lack of exercise, and poor nutrition. All of these factors can wear down the body’s ability to produce hormones, and by the time a man reaches middle age, hormonal production can take a harsh reduction.  The Hormone Replacement Therapy doctors listed below have successfully treated hormone decline in men from Wake County and the surrounding areas in Johnston County, Durham County, Wake County, Chatham County, Wilson County and Nash County North Carolina.

Andropause marks the phase in a man’s life when his androgens, which are male hormones, begin to decrease. Sometimes this phase is referred to as male menopause or a man’s midlife crisis, which can cause unpredictable behavior and health concerns. After a man’s 30’s, hormones such as DHEA, Human Growth Hormone, and Testosterone begin to steadily decrease by around ten percent each decade, and when a man reaches andropause, many symptoms may appear that cause unpleasant physical and mental changes. Some of these changes may include:

Increased Abdominal Fat – Increased abdominal fat can result from a loss of DHEA because it works to reduce fat stores.

Mood instability – Mood instability, anxiety, irritability and anger can all be caused from hormone fluctuations.

Poor Sleep – Poor sleep is yet another common side effect of hormonal imbalance or deficiency.

Low Testosterone Explained
Low Testosterone may appear during andropause, or it can occur at any point during a man’s life. Low testosterone brings about changes that are directly related to its functions. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, and it is responsible for maintaining sexual function, energy, muscle growth, and libido. Testosterone is produced in the testicles, and when an inadequate amount of testosterone begins to be produced, its associated functions can suffer. Some of the issues that arise with low testosterone may also occur during andropause; however, the symptoms that are directly related to low testosterone may include the following:

Erectile dysfunction – Erectile Dysfunction is a common symptom low testosterone in men.

Muscle atrophy – Muscle atrophy occurs when decreased testosterone levels inhibit muscle cell growth.

Low libido – Low libido can be caused by a slowed or reduced production of testosterone.

Hair loss – Hair loss on the head, under the arms, or on the groin can occur due to a loss of testosterone.

Reduced stamina – Reduced stamina and the lack of motivation to get physically active.

Hormone replacement therapy replenishes hormone levels, which relieves symptoms and revitalizes a man’s overall sense of wellbeing. A qualified Raleigh Andropause Doctor can provide the proper Hormone Replacement Therapy program can help men feel stronger, sharper and sleep sounder, among other benefits.

Additional Benefits of Testosterone Therapy for Men in Raleigh:
  • Better Sexual Performance
  • Improved Lipid And Cholesterol Levels
  • Increased Prostate Health
  • Healthier Blood Sugar Balance
  • Improved Moods And Outlook
  • Increased Focus And Concentration
  • More Strength And Energy
  • Better Sense Of Wellbeing
  • Greater Libido
  • Fewer Aches & Pains
  • Better Quality Of Sleep
  • Improved Muscle Mass

A Hormone Doctor in Raleigh will use Hormone Replacement Therapy to help men restore deficient hormones and gracefully transition through andropause or any phase of life that is rendered difficult due to hormonal issues. Through specialized male hormone replacement therapy programs, Wake County Hormone Doctors have helped countless men to overcome the challenges associated with low testosterone and andropause.

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